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KINFUDA Precision Machining Co., Ltd is KINFUDA is a fast growing company and customized BICYCLE PARTS manufacture, located in Guandong Province of china.


Countries, when you need component for production or equipment. We have the years of experiences and Capabilities to meet your design requirements. and all-round of production systems, located in Guangdong province of China. Machining all the individual parts, heat treating individual components, providing special finishes, assembling and testing all the items and preparing them for transporting and storage are all part of the personal service. Quality control is an integrated part of every process and a computer controlled audit trail is utilized for every order.

We have professional team and first- class technical management personnel, our products have competitive


Price and excellent quality, we are sure you any inquiry or requirement will get prompt attention.


Price and excellent quality, we are sure you any inquiry or requirement will get prompt attention.


Kinfuda provides services to a wide array of industries including aerospace, automotive, machine, transportation and others requiring the highest quality products.

We have the experience, the equipment. We have the experience, the equipment, and the skilled staff needed to achieve the highest levels of precision in these processes.


We can handle almost any material including alloys, aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel, Zinc, ductile cast iron, titanium even plastics etc.. And the CNC machining allows us to fulfill requirements for tight tolerances to 0.001mm.





1.Kinfuda will not send your drawings to the third party without   your permission.


2.Kinfuda will not sale your parts in the market.


3.Kinfuda will not disclose your information to your competitors.


4.Kinfuda will execute the agreements signed by both parties.



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